Artist Statement

Heidi Hjort "Coltsfoot" detail
Heidi Hjort “Coltsfoot” detail

“I paint the beauty of the ordinary. The sort of beauty most people are only dimly aware of, or don’t notice altogether. We tend to develop a certain blindness to everything ordinary.

I choose to work in oil with an acrylic underpainting. The tonal underpainting made in a single hue, is a key element. It sets the overall mood of the painting and gives a sense of unity. I intentionally leave parts of it uncovered, as I like my artwork to have a bit of an unfinished look.

I find my subjects when I approach my everyday places with openness and curiosity. My artwork is an expression of appreciation for the beauty I find. In my creative process, I give my subject the most precious gift I can make, my full attention.

I want my artwork to bring this subtle beauty to a more conscious part of my viewer’s mind. To give them the initiative to go out and look at the world with fresh eyes. Go see the beauty of the ordinary!”

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