Artist Biography

Winter Sun by Heidi Hjort
Heidi Hjort “Winter Sun” (440 €)

Heidi Hjort was born in 1975 in Vaasa, in the west coast of Finland, where she still resides.

She works mainly in oil and her subjects typically describe the subtle beauty of the ordinary. A sort of beauty most people are only dimly aware of, or don’t notice altogether.

Hjort has had a fascination with Eastern aesthetics and philosophies ever since her stay in Tokyo, Japan as an Architecture exchange student in 1999. The Japanese aesthetic “wabi-sabi” referring to the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete, resonates deeply within her. With her art, she wants to bring this modest beauty to a more conscious part of her viewer’s mind.

She was exposed to art already in her early childhood, as there are several artists among her family on her mother’s side. As a child she was nearly obsessed with drawing and she took her first oil painting class at age 12. In her teens she did a lot of freelance illustration and has been involved in art ever since, except for a few years when she gave all her attention to her family and two sons.

Heidi Hjort is mainly a self-taught artist. In 2012, she moved to Oslo, Norway with her family. Aware that their stay might be temporary, she was convinced that ‘something is better than nothing’ and seized the opportunity to go to Nydalen Kunstskole (Nydalen Art School) in Oslo. Six mind blowing months later, her art studies were interrupted when the family moved back to Finland. Always eager to improve her skills and meet with other artists, she continues to take classes and workshops.

Heidi Hjort
Heidi Hjort, artist from Finland

Hjort has had a number of solo exhibitions in her home town Vaasa, as well as in Korsholm, Ylihärmä, Närpes and Kristinestad. She has also participated in numerous group shows and juried exhibitions. Her artwork is in private collections in Finland, Sweden and Norway. She is currently a board member in the Art Club of Vaasa.

Today she is a founder and co-owner of a small architecture office. In her free time you are likely to find her at her easel. She is now at a stage where she creates art on a daily basis.

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