The Classroom – Interior Oil Painting

"The Classroom" by Heidi Hjort |
“The Classroom” by Heidi Hjort. Finland, 2015

This interior study was painted from life in the classroom of our local Art Club Ateljé Torni. I did the painting in one session, as our instructor was insisting on us NOT continue the work after the session was over.

Continuing from a reference photo would ruin the painting, she said. You will begin to adjust the colors according to the photo and that will destroy the freshness you got when observing the real thing. It will also remove the sense of presence that only a life study can bring into a painting.

So, I didn’t touch it after I got home, except for signing it several months after – heh, you know me 🙂 It’s still unsigned in the picture.

The reasons why I chose this corner of our classroom was:

  • The subtle color world. I wanted to explore what I could do with that, as I have been using PLENTY of color lately.
  • The objects in the window were begging my artist soul to be painted into my picture. It’s a concrete sculpture (hard to tell from the painting, I know) and a table easel.
  • The challenge of painting the window-recess.
  • The black objects, the chair and a bucket on a piedestal, as they would go well with the darkness outside the window and contrast nicely to all the pale surfaces.

Thanks for stopping by, friend. I wish you a wonderful week ahead!





15 thoughts on “The Classroom – Interior Oil Painting

    1. Thank you, Don. There was no time for fussing. One hour sketching with charcoal and one hour painting. Hurry can be a good thing in art 🙂


  1. Hurried or not, your observation skills are apparent in your drawing and your painting skills produced wonderfully subtle interior tones. Nice, Heidi!

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