Moving To A Self-hosted Site

Heidi Hjort in her studio
Heidi Hjort

I have decided to move my website + blog to a self-hosted site. My domain will still be –  and I understood there is a way to get all my dear subscribers with me to the new site (hope to God that it’s as easy as they make it sound).

There is a lot of new stuff to learn and I suspect this site will be down (or be a complete mess) for some time. But when I get up on the other side it will be really cool, so be patient!

Planning some new goodies for you to rest your eyes on 🙂

Hope you’re having a good start on the New Year. See you soon and I hope I won’t mess this up completely now….



Summing up 2015

As much as I’m looking forward to 2016, it was truly eye-opening to look back at what I accomplished 2015. Wow!! It sure has been a productive year!

As for artwork made in 2015, I am now a 53 oil paintings and 9 pencil portraits more experienced artist than I was a year ago.

I trust the hours spent in the studio resulted in higher painting skills. For comparison, I counted the number of artwork I produced in 2014 to approximately 10 pieces. Imagine that, folks!

In 2015 I did my first Plein Air sessions, which proved to be the most fulfilling painting experienced in a looong time. Now I will only have to get my little butt out in the Finnish winter for some more extreme PA experiences – brrr!

Ok, so this is not really what it looks like outside at the moment. But it did, a while ago. Now it’s just….cold and dark.

I took two workshops in 2015. The first one was a Portrait Workshop with my good old weekly oil painting teacher, Hasse Westergård. The second was a Plein Air Workshop instructed by the lovely American pastel artist Karen Margulis.

When it comes to exhibitions, I did 4 solo shows. I had only scheduled one of them, the other three just popped up like happy little breads in a toaster. In addition to the solo shows I also participated in 2 group shows.

I’ve published 62 blog posts in 2015. My blog is only a little more than a year old. When I first started I had no idea of what I was going to write about. A year ago I didn’t have the words to write anything about my art! That was actually the main reason I started this blog. Well, I do now.

I have learned so much by this blogging thing, and best of all, there is a whole bunch of readers out there. Many of you keep coming back and you keep writing sweet, smart and encouraging comments. Can’t thank you enough. You are all so precious to me – I want you to know that ❤

In addition to finding words for my paintings, which is invaluable in itself, I have learnt sososo much about marketing and social media. I’ve stumbled upon a great number of artist who I admire beyond words. By studying their work, I improve my own. Very inspirational! Pinterest is great for that.

Heidi Hjort in her studio
Easel selfie in my little studio corner 🙂

I started a Facebook page for my art in August this year. The name of my Facebook page is Heidi Hjort Artwork, I’d love to connect with you there too! I update my status several times a week, with more daily stuff than here.
Facebook page here >>

I started using Instagram only 8 weeks ago, so I’m a total newb there. But I already love it and I can see the potential it holds for artists.
Instagram here >>

In order not to wear you out completely with, dear readers, I will save my plans for 2016 to another blog post.

Now in the very last days of 2015, I encourage you to stop for a while and reflect over what you accomplished. I bet it’s a lot!

Now tell me, what was the most game changing thing you did/ learnt in 2015? Write in the comments.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!
Let’s hope it will be a good one, friend ❤